Systec - Manufacturer of Vitrified Aluminum-Oxide, Ceramic, and Black Silicon Segments

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  1. All product pricing, handling charges, and surcharges are subject to change without notice.
  2. Do Not Bookmark.
  3. Prices are offered as a convenience to our customers. We are not obliged to offer pricing for items not on our website, or special items that we manufacture but are priced at time of order. Please read disclosure statement  when you enter your area.
  4. FOB Shipping Point. UPS shipper number required for all UPS shipments. If you use another carrier, please check with them to see how they can facilitate this policy. Any non-truck collect shipment made exclusive of this policy will have an additional $20.00 handling charge per shipment added to their invoice plus the cost of freight. All truck shipments are collect freight or third party collect.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse shipments to customers that are in default of our standard payment terms policy. See our website for specific details.
  6. All trials are governed by our trial policy. See our website for information.
  7. The "Energy Surcharge" is a variable rate assessed on every order at the time of shipment. It is subject to change without notice. See our website for detailed information.
  8. Pallet charge is $9.00 per pallet.