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Abrasive grain commonly used for the manufacturing of Shur Grind segments is aluminum oxide and is generally brown, white, pink or a combination of these grains.

Grit sizes used in Shur Grind segments range from 24 grit to 60 grit. Finer grit sizes (80 to 150) are available but special considerations of the job and production requirements are necessary before utilizing these grits. The lower the number, the coarser the grit, the rougher the finish.  Coarse grits are used for fast stock removal and finer grits facilitate finish requirements. Shur Grind segments are made from high quality grains refined to our strict specifications.

Grades range, in alphabetical sequence, from C through J with half grade increments designated by a "+". Softer grades will help eliminate burning and glazing but segment life can be sacrificed. All formulas of Shur Grind segments are designed so that the user will receive optimum life of the segment coupled with aggressive grind rates.

Bond is the material that holds the grain together, giving the segment its shape. Shur Grind bonds are specially developed so that maximum performance as a regulating agent in the self-sharpening process is maintained consistently. Careful consideration must be used when ordereing large style segments (i.e. Cortland jumbos) in very soft grades.

A typical formula for a Shur Grind segment is shown below:

Shur Grind segments are manufactured to tested formulas to assure consistency of performance from segment to segment. The combination of quality materials and concise manufacturing practices make Shur Grind segments the best segment available.

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