Systec - Manufacturer of Vitrified Aluminum-Oxide, Ceramic, and Black Silicon Segments

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Mission Statement

"Our mission is the unyielding and continuing effort by everyone in our organization to profitably understand, meet, and exceed the needs of our customers."



Systec Segments began manufacturing segments as CSI in Ashtabula, Ohio in 1987.


After a fire that destroyed its entire facility it moved to Copley, Ohio in 1994 and changed its name to Systec Segments.  Its manufacturing plant moved again in 1998 to larger facilities in Akron and relocated to larger facilities again in 2007.  Its sales offices remain in Copley, Ohio.


In February, 2008 it merged with Globe Abrasives of Chicago, Illinois.  The Chicago operation will be incorporated into the Akron facility in 2008.  The new corporate name has been changed to Global Systec Segments to reflect its larger scope of product mix, customer base, and manufacturing capacity.


"...working to exceed your needs."

From our mission statement consistency has always been our benchmark. From our beginning through the present, we have been striving to manufacture the best grinding segments available today. We offer a full line of segments in conventional grains as well as the "new" ceramic grains. We deliver quality segments consistently and punctually. We have never lost focus on our most important asset - you the customer.


Our entire process of manufacturing is geared around one basic goal: deliver a product that is consistent and economical to use. While the industry that we service is a basic industry, we find our segments used in a variety of grinding applications.

Flexible formulations give assurances that you can receive what you need for your particular application. It is amazing that even with the thousands of formulas we presently have, we are constantly creating new formulas for our ever changing and growing customers. Whatever your needs, we can create a quality-performing set  of segments for your application.

Our commitment to quality is ongoing and serious. You can always be assured of quality with all our products, which are manufactured in our Akron, OH plant.


Service is not a buzzword. Service is a commitment to excellence, and we take it very seriously.

It starts by answering our phones and your questions. No voice-mail, real people. An old fashion method that still works and seems appreciated by all our customers. Call us and talk to live people. Expect answers, and get them.

Service continues with quality control. We use step by step controls at every stage of manufacturing. We continually look for new and more efficient ways to manufacture. Everything we do is made to keep the quality of our product exceptional and the price reasonable. We have fully documented procedures and monitoring capabilities.

Service continues with quality materials. Our supplier relationships are long term. We work on loyalties to our vendors assuring the best service and raw materials available.

Service ends when our customers call us and say "thank you". It satisfies our efforts and means a job well done. It begins again when you call and say, "I've got a problem." It means a new opportunity to prove ourselves again.

Click here to purchase any Systec "Shur Grind" product online.